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2/16/2018 alarm monitoring     see notice      March 21, 2018

*** Dates provided in the notice listed here are the official dates, any dates listed on another website are not within the control of the Housing Authority. If you believe there is an error or have any questions about a specific bid or proposal due date, please contact the HA using the number or email provided on this page. Please note that some companies compile information and relist it, the HA only has control over the advertisement placed herein or in the official print publication, Newsday. If you find the HA advertisements on another government website and there is a conflict please contact the HA. If you locate a conflicting due date on a third party private provider listing information about the HA, you should contact the website directly. The HA provides a link to the advertised notice rather than typing in due dates above to help minimize inadvertent key entry errors or other typing errors or date confusion. The HA's goal is to provide appropriate time, advertisement and access to opportunities and promotes broad participation by all interested parties. The HA has added this information as a result of outside website fee based listing services wherein prospective bidders were provided inaccurate information.

    Forms relevant to all bids for reference.

All in One

HUD Form 5369-B - Instructions to Offerors - Non Construction.pdf

HUD Form 5369-C - Certifications & Representations of Offerors - Non Construction.pdf

US DOL Form WH347 - Weekly Payroll & Certification.pdf

HUD Form 92010 - EEOC.pdf

HUD Form 5370 & 5370EZ

Contact the Islip Housing Authority 631-589-7100 x214 for information concerning additional contracting opportunities.

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Equal Employment Opportunities, Section 3 and minority or women owned businesses encouraged to participate.